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Nantendo Bookstore was managed by Toraomaru Matsuoka from 1912-1926. The first floor used to be a bookstore and the second floor was a cafe and restaurant.  Around 1926, famous authors and anarchists such as Fumiko Hayashi, Sakae Osugi, Noe Ito, and others used to get together there every night. This is a store riddled with history.

Although it is not well known, Kazou the eleventh left his job at Sanwa Bank to pursue his own business and bought out a bookstore called Nantendo in Hongo in 1939.

The Okumura family connection to Nantendo cooperated and opened a book store specializing in Indigo .  Across all generations, we hope that Tokushima will have the chance to welcome all those who have an interest in Indigo.

*We also buy old books about indigo.  Please feel free to contact the store about selling any old editions you have.




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